Joya Quiz

Who is the planet shaman?

How many humans are on the Maya Council?

Where does Jon meet Dictionary Boy?

Why does Darcy believe in Teal?

What colours are the Bulletin Beans Jon receives?

How does Freddie Maya get around?

Who is Freddie’s spirit guide?

Where does Jon meet Portia?

Why do the eels try to drown Teal?

What is Lickety Split’s strange habit?

Who is the seventh seat on the Maya Council?

Discussion topics…

The book is full of deception. When do you think it was necessary?

What problems do you think the deceptions caused? How could they have been avoided?

Teal goes against her dad’s wishes. Why?

Do you perceive Julius as crazy, deceived, justified in his action, bitter, or a combination of these? Why?

Does Darcy have any faults? If so, what are they?

Which character would you most like to go on holiday with and why?

If you could transform into one of the characters for a day, who would you be and why?

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