About the Characters

Here’s some extra information on the characters for those who have read the book and want more. For those who haven’t read the book there may be a few spoilers. There are also little extracts from the book. You have been warned! To those who’ve already read the book, thank you. Enjoy!


TealHer dad’s white fur twitched and his black eyes glistened. Teal looked like a smaller model, but he said she had the spirit of her mother. He never meant it as a compliment.

Teal is an ambitious rabbit. She’s wanted to be a Switcher all her life.

She’s fun and adventurous and a go-getter. Her father is an accountant and, as you know from the story, has good reason to try and stop Teal going to Earth.

Her spirit guide is an eagle. His name—although we don’t find out in this book—is Kensho. (Zen Buddhism for enlightenment)

She adores food—eating it and cooking it. Her favourite foods are lasagne and chocolate fudge brownies. Her dad has fought a constant battle to keep her safe, but she loves adventure.

She’s broken six bones so far in her hind feet and forepaws and gave herself two black eyes having a race on crutches.

Her favourite sport is mountain surfing (dry surfing down a mountain). She had her worst surfing accident aged 6. She lost control and head butted a tree. She knocked herself out and didn’t wake up for a week. She was straight back on her surfboard two weeks later, even though she had to sneak out of the house to do it and didn’t regain full balance for a month.

Her birthday is 21st December and that Sagittarius desire to travel and have fun is what Teal’s all about.

Her favourite colour is orange. Her favourite Earthie book is The BFG by Roald Dahl. She’s read it ten times and it still makes her laugh. Her favourite subjects at Discovery are Techie and Philosophy.



Freddie MayaA chocolate brown ferret, Freddie Maya always wore shades over his red eyes. His headphones never left his ears, some Mayas said he even showered in them. Freddie had been a cave dweller, and look what he had accomplished. Number one in the Joya charts, Freddie’s rap music was better than anyone’s.

Freddie is Fifth Seat on the Maya Council. He struts, wears a Magi Pod around his neck and is a pure Maya—a dyad. He can transform into any human or animal.

Freddie comes from a long line of Switchers. His best friend is Malcolm. His cousin Wild Bill Ferret is 10th Seat on the Council and you’ll meet him (oh my gosh, I love this ferret!) in the next book.

Freddie has had a string of hits in the Joya charts. He’s fun, sensitive and a great musician. He rides a custom-made red and black Harley Sportster.

His birthday is on July 5th. He’s laid-back and generous. On his birthday he gives presents to all his friends.

His main instrument is bass guitar but he can play them all. He started out on drums, but his dad couldn’t stand the noise in the cave. So he gave him his old guitar for Christmas. From that moment Freddie learnt a new instrument every year borrowing any instrument he could find. His dad never got a moments peace until Freddie moved into the Maya Castle.

Freddie’s favourite colour is black and at Discovery his favourite subjects were Chill and Groove, Reiki Rocks, and Empty Mind, Full Body.

He’s a great trampolinist and when he’s not making music finds it therapeutic to head down to the Open Circus and work out on the trampolines for an hour.

His favourite Earthie book is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.



DarcyThe three of them sat behind the great red desk. Darcy, in the centre, looked regal and proud. Her black fur gleamed over her muscular body as usual, but her brown eyes seemed to pierce straight through Teal’s skull. She bared her teeth and growled. Teal winced.

Darcy is Second Seat on the Maya Council and the most ferocious. Luckily, she works hard to control her temper. She does quite well—in this book anyway.

She is the head of the Switcher team. Her mother and grandmother before her led the Switcher team. She was destined for the job. She cares about her Switchers like her own family.

She rides a Yamaha YZ400F motorcross motorbike. When riding her bike she wears goggles and helmet.

She can be rash and is stubborn. She is severe if crossed yet bends the rules to help her Switchers if necessary.

Her birthday is 12th November. She holds many Maya secrets which I’ve been asked not to disclose. And to be honest, I don’t want to upset her. Who would?

She has saved Freddie’s life on two occasions. The first time was before he was a Switcher. A gang of older ferrets tried to drown him in the Unfathomable Lake because he’d written a song about them and let’s just say the truth hurts. Not quite as much as having pieces of you bitten out by a Doberman!

The second time was when he switched with an Earthie ferret that was being maltreated. The unsuspecting owner raised a frying pan to squat Freddie and found a Doberman clamped to his wrist.

Needless to say, Freddie is eternally grateful—and a little scared of her—having seen what she’s capable of. As Darcy told him, those events were nothing compared to what she’s capable of when she’s angry.

Her favourite colour is green and she meditates at the Unfathomable Lake because the colour soothes her. Darcy’s favourite sport is sprinting—watching it and doing it. She loves to feel the wind on her face and the blood coursing through her body. Her favourite hobby is her motorbike. She likes to scramble over the dirt tracks and hills and has great control.

Darcy’s favourite Earthie book is The Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden. Her favourite subjects at Discovery were Antiquity and Answers (interactive history) and Reiki Rocks.



Lickety SplitRocket Ron pointed to a girl with blond plaits and a happy face.

Lickety Split licks things she likes. When she first sees Freddie’s new red and black Harley it’s so gorgeous she can’t resist and has to go lick it.

She’s a pure dyad so can change into any form, human or animal. Her dad is Cool T.

She was born on 3rd April. Her mum and dad divorced when she was eight. Her mum couldn’t put up with her father being a Switcher. Lickety Split on the other hand devoured her father’s stories about his adventures on Earth and knew she would become a Switcher some day. Her mother still hasn’t forgiven her.

She loves to use her senses. As a baby she would close her eyes and touch fabrics and objects to understand them better. When she opened her eyes colours of things brightened which made her want to lick them. The licking will be a blessing and also her downfall in a future book.

Lickety Split also has a big secret she fights to keep in a later book in the series. I’m not even supposed to know about it.

She’s smart, driven and sometimes wishes she was just a straight Switcher. Being a Dyad brings more danger and can be painful when she transforms.

She loves boxing and reading. Her favourite subjects at Discovery are Antiquity and Answers and Reiki Rocks. Her favourite Earthie books are the Caesar series by Conn Iggulden and Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo.


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