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Teal’s smart and ambitious. She wants to become a Switcher. But Switchers have always been humans, dogs, cats and ferrets. Never rabbits. Desperate to prove herself, and ignoring the warnings of her dad and her guide, Teal joins the team. But when she arrives on Earth she faces death and the destruction of her red and purple planet.



“I always suspected there were alien ambassadors living among us but in this imaginative tale they turn out to be highly intelligent creatures disguised as household pets.  The surprises and reversals just keep coming in this fast-moving and yet thoughtful science fiction adventure.”

Christopher Vogler, movie producer/story consultant – Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King

“A real page turner.”

Oscar, aged 11, from Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

“I fell in love with the feisty Teal and felt strangely drawn to the bitter Julius. The writer has created a vibrant other world, which fills the reader’s mind with images. The two narratives give this children’s book a sophisticated edge, the reader waits in suspense for both worlds to collide.”

Rebecca Missouri, teacher, Redbridge Community School, Southampton, England

“Perfect, 10/10. A book for all ages!”

James Morgan, aged 13, Redbridge Community School, Southampton, England

“I love it! What a fantastic idea, I really felt I was there on the planet with the purple fields … I was transported.”

Erika, aged 25, Las Vegas, USA

“So exciting. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.”

Allan, aged 9, Glasgow, Scotland.

I really liked the two plot lines developing at the same time, and what this will mean for the likable main characters. I enjoyed the descriptions and personalities of the various characters, as well. A good read that definitely caught my interest.

Charlotte, aged 16, Massachusetts, USA

“I give your book 10/10. It is so good.”

Eliza, Berrywood School, Southampton

A really original and refreshing idea; as a lover of all creatures great and small, I loved the notion that there may be more to one’s pet rabbit than meets the eye!  Riveting stuff.”

Victoria, aged 22, London, England

“Wow, it’s fantastic!  I was so disappointed when it came to an end…”

Becky Brown, teacher, Norward Primary School, Eastleigh, England

“I really enjoyed your book, Liane, I just could not put it down. I like how the story switched from Joya to Earth and could picture all the characters in my head. MY favourite has to be Rocket Ron Johnson because he reminds me of my trainer!!!! Cant wait for book number 2. ”

Perry Barker, aged 14, Ciudad Quesada, Spain

Liane is a bubbly and effervescent lady who manages to engage everyone with her energetic style during her workshop. THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA went down well with our Year 7s and continues to be read with enjoyment.

 Mrs Darka Luxton, Reading Blue Coat School, Reading

I love your book and thanks for the writing tips when you came to my school. My writing is much better.

Ellie, Bitterne Park Junior School

“Im reading the book at the minute and I think your as good as Jacqueline Wilson!! Honestly to me your one of my favourite authors!Thankyou for coming to The Firs School.”

Carrice, aged 10, The Firs School, Spain

“Liane visited our school and she captivated the children when she read the beginning of her book, THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA. She also took time to share her ideas on the craft of writing and again it was clear to see that she inspired a lot of children to develop their personal writing skills. It was a great experience for the children and her book has been enjoyed by many of our pupils during the year.”

Ms Jayne Spreadbury, Spinfield School, Marlow

“Liane Carter I have read The Chronicles of Joya AND I LOVE IT. IT IS THE BESTISE BOOK I HAVE READ.”

Hannah, El Limonar School, Villa Martin, Spain

“WOW, The Chronicles of Joya are FANTASTIC!!! Please, will you send me a newsletter? I got 100% on the quiz :). ”

Victoria, El Limonar School, Villa Martin, Spain

“Hello liane I really enjoyed u coming to our school. I have 28 pages to go i adore ur book its better than jaqueline wilson honest. I hope u could come again with the devil story u was telling me about. Bye gabs now a big fan”

Gabriella, Mar Azul School, Spain


“It is great. You are the best author like ROALD DAHL.”

TJ, Mar Azul School, Spain


“Thanks again for your visit on Wednesday -the children loved it, and orders for your book have come flooding in.”

Ania, teacher, The Firs School, Spain


“I am reading it now and absolutely loving it. I teach in a small school. I would like your permission to develop some resources to use alongside your book. Comprehension questions based on shared reading of the chapters, maybe some drama workshop ideas. I will email you copies of anything I produce. Thank you for this wonderful adventure, I look forward to the next book. ”

Nicole, Streatham Hill, England


“Your books fantastic.”

Amelia, Mar Azul School


“The Chronicles of Joya is a fantastic book ,and you are a true star , I can`t wait for the second one to come out! For those of you who don`t already have a copy “what are you waiting for? ” It`s a fabulous read and you won`t put it down until the last page has been read !!”

Teresa, 37 years young, Ware, Hertfordshire, England


“Hey Liane, just writing to say I really enjoyed the book- read it twice in 1 reading! I really like the way you linked the characters through animals and the government on Earth. Looking forward to meeting you at Borders – see you there!”

Conor, Southampton, England


“I absolutely loved it! I became completely engrossed with all the characters and couldn’t put it down until I knew what happened at the end. My niece is only 5, but I am going to save the book until she is a bit older and look forward to reading it to her. I can’t wait for Part 2 of The Chronicles.”

Denise, London, England


“Have just finished your book and loved it! Was up till late last night reading it – too worried about Teal to go to sleep!”

Caroline Brain, teacher, Norwood Primary School, England


“I have just bought your book and I think it’s great even better than Phillip Pullman. When you came to my school on Tuesday I was overjoyed and even got a signed copy. Please come again when you’ve finished the sequel.”

Jools, Bournemouth, England


“You rock. You are the best author ever. I am on chapter 6 and page 64 and I am loving it. I can’t take my eyes off it.”

Maisy, Bournemouth, England


“I got your book. I’ve nearly finished it because it is so cool.”

Tia, St James Primary School, England


“I was totally inspired by you, you were really fun, enthusiastic, you just made me concentrate in a fun way cant wait till I buy your book cant wait till second book love youuu loadsss my inspiration”

Natasha, England


“Liane has a way of talking to children as if she is speaking to each one individually. Her book, THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA, has fired the imagination of our children and they cannot wait for the next one!”

 Marilyn Chegwyn, North Baddesley School, Southampton 


“I have read your book. It’s brilliant. I can’t wait to read more of your books.”

Olivia, England


“Hi, It’s Kenzie. I saw u at the book store in Oxford and u signed a book for me. It’s good and I’m enjoying it very much. Thank you.”

Kenzie, Oxford, England


“I love your book and I can’t wait to read the other books that will be coming out.”

Chloe-Jane, Norword Primary School


“I love this book and I love ur advice that u gave at school.”

Rudaviro, Fairisle Junior School, Southampton


“I love your book, can’t get away from it. I want to know more.”

Karmen, England


“I think your book is absolutely brilliant, best book I have read in ages. I think you might be on the top of the charts in under a year.”

Philip, Winton, England


“Did it actually take you 2 years to write one book and one more. I forgot to tell you that you are the best author in the WORLD.”

Shania, Fairisle Junior School, Southampton


“Liane visited our years four and five. They were all so inspired that many of them couldn’t keep their heads out of the book for weeks after – and they loved that they had a signed copy! Better still, thanks to Liane’s visit and her fantastic website, the children were also well-motivated to write and produced some excellent work.”

Mr Mike Parker, St Katharine’s School, Bournemouth


“Liane’s presentation was so full of energy; everyone left the room buzzing and eager to pick up a pen! She knew exactly how to relate to the children and made everyone of them believe they could write.”

Year 6 teacher, Blackfield Primary School


“I enjoyed meeting you today. I started reading the book and I can’t put it down.”

Hayley, Fairisle Junior School,Southampton


“The book is amazing.”

Samuel, Bournemouth


“Hello Liane. I always read a chapter every day so I don’t miss anything. I hope Teal and Freddie Maya and Teal’s dad survives to the end cause they’re my favourite animals.”

Yazmin, Fairisle Junior School,Southampton


“I enjoyed meeting you today. I started reading the book and I can’t put it down.”

Hayley, Fairisle Junior School,Southampton


“It’s true, your book is the best I’ve ever read.”

Alex, Spain


“Your book is amazing, best book I have read so far.”

Dylan, aged 13, Redbridge Community School


“You might remember me, I’m from your old school, read it in two days.”

Lauren, aged 11, Fairisle Primary School

“Liane is totally dedicated to encouraging children to read for pleasure. She is energetic, open and keen throughout her delivery. The students were more than engaged, they were hooked! Her love of reading, and her desire to share her experience with students shines through everything she does. Liane does not pretend to be something she’s not, what you see is what you get – and trust me you get a fantastic experience.  Spend some time with Liane and you will come away knowing that you have made friends with someone very special.

Liane made a huge impact on the many different people she spoke to during the day.  Students are still asking for her book months later.”

 Melita Sheppard, Cantell Maths & Computing College, Southampton


“Hi. I have your book. I think it’s great, I love it.”

Chelsea, Fairisle Primary School


“The Chronicles of Joya is the best book in the world.”

Anita, Marlow


“I am reading your book now and it is FABULOUS so far!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! ”

Elyse, St Mark’s School, Bournemouth


“Can you contact me when your second book comes out because I love your book.”

Thomas, Norwood Primary School


“Reading your book in class at the moment and really enjoying it and the children are really into the characters. Keep up the great work.”

Mr Ford, teacher



Jammy, St Marks School


“Hello Liane, great book I am enjoying it so far. The characters names are very interesting and different which is what I like. Wow don’t you have an amazing singing voice. The music is amazing well done.”

Amy, Southbourne


“Hi I’m one of the students from Kingsleigh Primary School and it was so cool meeting you!!! You are the best author!!”

Charlotte, Kingsleigh Primary School


“It is so cool. I can’t wait until the other books come out.”

Katie, Fairisle Junior School


“I love your book. I’ve read it twice through.”

Izzy, Winton

“The children were delighted to meet with and talk to a real author. After Liane Carter’s visit children were spotted all over the school with their heads bowed over their copy of The Chronicles of Joya as they enjoyed reading the story on their own.” 

 Carol Hughes, Frieth School, Henley-on-Thames


“ I love your book you really inspire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jade, St James School


“Liane really great book. I love it. Thanks for the comment in the book. I’m so pleased you came to St. Lukes School and gave it to me in person.”

Anna, St. Lukes School


“I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next in the series. It didn’t take me long, I was reading it day and night.”

Edward, England


“Your book is amazing and it makes me laugh so many times!!! (in a good way) Thanks for the autograph. It’s class.”

Tara, Spain


“Hi Liane, I’ve finished the book. It’s a great plot and I’m now having trouble deciding who is my role model – you or J.K.Rowling (I think I’ll have to go for both of you!) Have you started the next one in the series yet? When is the newsletter coming out? Soon i hope.”

Alex, Fairisle Junior School


“You are the best author ever.”

Shannon, Fairisle Junior School


“The children have not stopped talking about your book and are walking around clutching them and just do not want to put them down – even during break and lunch time when it is more usual to have to surgically separate the boys from their football!”

Mrs Porter, teacher, El Limonar School


“Hi Liane, I absolutely love ur book. I finished it the day after u came and I keep on reading it. Ur book is absolutely brilliant. I love it to bits!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks 4 coming 2 our school.”

Sharlene, Frieth School, Henley-on-Thames


“Well, this book is a very inspirational book which makes your mind explore different places you have never imagined before. You can tell by the action,dialogue and description the author has had an amazing time writing it and by the first page i knew that the author had put alot of thought into the book.”

Maddie Betts, 11 ,United kingdom, West Totton.


“ Hi Liane!! You came to my school!!!! I love your book, I think it’s the best book I’ve ever read!!!!! I have read it lots of times and I never put it down!!!! My mum told me to but I didn’t!!! Love the book want to keep reading!!!! Please come to our school again!!! I would love to meet you again!!!!”

Aura, Calmore Junior School


“Woo that book u wrote is great. I’m only on chapter 3 and it’s already getting me reading more. Thanks for ur tips u gave us of how to write a book. Hope u come up with another book for me to enjoy. See u later.”

Stephanie, St. Michael’s School.


“You are one good writer!!! Really enjoying your book. I have a favourite character…Freddie Maya. Even my brother wanted me to read a page for him! It’s not a waste of writing it for 2 and a half years. I liked it when Teal was announced for being a Switcher. I am so proud Teal was chosen! ”

Bethany, Calmore School


“Hi, I have just finished your book twice and my friend from England has read it and she loves it.”

Hannah, Newton College


“Hi Liane, I’m from Newton College. And all I can say is…your book is excellent,you have to write the second part or I will kill youuuu!”

Andres, Newton College


“I think it is amazing.”

 Scott, Southampton


“ Loved it, it was the best. woooo”

Giovanna, St Mary’s


“Heeyy love your book, keep it coming please.”

Paris, Southampton


“Love your book!”

Chelsea, North Baddesley Junior School


“ hi, I think the book is great. Your no.1 fan from William.”



“ I have been reading the book all day and I think it is absolutely brillant. Out of ten I give it ten.”

Mitchell, Newlands School.


“I am from Calmore Jnr School and thank you for signing my copy of your brilliant book.”

Joe, Calmore Junior School.


“Hi liane, I love the book. My favourite character is Freddie Maya.”

Ella, St James Primary School, Bournemouth.


“I’m only on chapter 5 but I’m all ready giggling at Freddie.”



“I thought this book is wonderful it’s so great. My favourite characters are Fredie Maya, Teal, Darcy Maya, Malcolm and Prof Danny Loco.The song was outstanding and Freddie’s raps were so cool, how did you come up with those?”

Tobi, aged 9, St Mary’s CE Primary School


“I finished The Chronicles of Joya. I think it’s the world’s best book.”



“Hey, remember me? I was in St. Michael’s School. I adore your book!”

Michelle, St. Michael’s School, Bournemouth


“You are great at writing books and you have a great imagination.”

Ann-Marie and Chloe


“I really liked the picture of me and Liane Carter.The book so far is amazing. As I was walking back to class when we had just done the picture I was reading all the way there even in class at the end. So any of you lot go and buy The Chronicles of Joya you will have fun reading it. Bye!! READ THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA IT’S AMAZING!!”

Anish, Newlands Primary School


“I love your book. It’s amazing, Liane. You have got a great big amazing talent.”

Chloe, Newlands Primary School


“It is great so far. I only started it today and I’m on chapter 10 already! Hopefully I’ll get your next book and the one after that and collect all of them. The book is so good I can’t get my head out of it.”

Sophie, aged 12


I love your book. You are the best writer I know.

Ruqia, St Marys CE Primary School


It is amazing. When I finished it I couldn’t stop daydreaming about it.

Chloe, Holy Family School


Hi, you came to my school and talked to us about your amazing book. I bought one and it’s incredibly good so far. I’m on chapter 8.  from your biggest fan, Katie xxxx

Katie, Wallisdean Primary School

“ Hi,  we’ re from Mansel Park Primary School. I’ m on pg.50 and we cant stop reading it! Im glad you wrote this book because weve never really been interested in books but with this one we have lol(laugh out loud) x Cant wait till next book comes out. LOVE THE BOOK. LOVE Chimaera and Georgia xxx”

I am enjoying the chronicles of joya alot so far it is getting better and betterKaty Whiteley Primary School.

“I think The Chronicles Of Joya was one of the best books I have ever read, I loved it so much I read it every day and finished it in two weeks!”

Jessica King

“Hi, I really like your book! I’m on chapter 8. My favourite character is Freddie Maya. He’s so cool. I’ve just got onto the bit based on the gym. I do like the gym teacher. He’s cool! I also find Teal cute. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book. My mum is going to read the book after me, so please write another! “

Tara Barton-Leigh, aged 10, from Whiteley, Fareham in Hampshire, UK

“I have had a great time reading the book! My favourite charecter is Darcy. I cant wait until your second book comes out.”

Amber Jones 

“I love the book of the Chronicles of joya it’s a great book it shoud be the top book of the year.”

Charlie, Charlton House School 

“I love your book Joya.  I will buy your next book, I love you. I am a very very big fan. I love you.”

Bethany, Fareham 


“Wow. I love your book and I am a big big big fan,  love u.

Lucy, Winchester 

“I think your book is great. I really want to read another book of yours (if there’s another book about Joya or any other). It was nice meeting you at Waterstones in Winchester.”

  Phoebe, Winchester 

 ”I love your book! I`m just at the bit where Teal is on Earth. I wonder what happens next.. Its SoOoOo exiting! x” 

Amber, Eastleigh 


“Hi Liane, I am from Hook with Warsash Primary school.When I started reading it,I thought it would be boring because I do not really like reading,but when I started reading I could not stop! I can not wait until it is a film.When it is made into a film,I Will definintly buy the film! IT WAS A GREAT PLEASURE MEETING YOU IN PERSON! from Anthony.”


“I really like the characters in the book. Your book is really cool, your book is the best I have ever read.”

Jessica, Wallisdean Junior School

“Hi Liane its Imogen from berrywood school in Southampton! I love the start of the story I can not wait to finish the book! love Imogen”


“We’re from Sarisbury Junior School and we bought your book. It rocks; well done. Jessica and Cameron”


“Hi Liane! It’s Rosie from Hook with Warsash Primary School! The girl who asked for your autograph twice! I just wanted say you rock! Just by listening to the first few pages of your book I couldn’t wait to buy it! Your writing tips really helped me to think of how to improve my writing marks. I can’t wait to read it and meet again.You are the best! Rosiex”


“Hi Liane, you came to a school called Whiteley Primary School. I go to that school and loved your new book The Chronicles of Joya!You are a brilliant author! Brooke x”



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