Thursday – Writing Tips Day

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Thursday – Writing Tips Day

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

   We all want someone else to read our story to check it over whether it be editor or first reader before editor. We want to make sure it’s as good as we hope it is. And it can be scary to hand it over.


    Before you do, pretend you are that other person. Or imagine yourself as your harshest critic. How would he sit? Act? Sit the way he does, be him and read your story. Imagine you’ve never seen the story before and you have 100 other stories to read before the day is finished. Then edit  your story. You’ll pick up things you wouldn’t have noticed before and raise the standard of your story.


  This is fun. Give it a go.


  Happy Thursday! Liane x

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Wednesday – Help Yourself Day

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

For those of you who’ve read The Chronicles of Joya, you know that Darcy Maya is a doer. We can all delay or avoid doing something that seems like an effort, or scares us.


Just for today, pick one thing you’ve been putting off and just go for it. Get it done. You’ll have more energy, a sense of acheivement and be just like that head of the Switcher team on Joya! I’m going to do it myself. Let’s go for it.


Happy doing! Liane x

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Tuesday – Creative Thoughts and Ideas Day

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

   Hey, guys, Freddie’s in the house. Ready to get those creative juices flowing?


   You pick up a white guitar. You press down one of the strings and play a note. You play another. You’re amazed. You’re fingers are playing something you’ve never heard, something you never thought you could play. Your fingers fly up and down the guitar until …


   What? Over to you, guys. Happy Tuesday! Freddie xx

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