Thursday – Writing Tips Day

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Thursday – Writing Tips Day

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

   Nothing allows your writing to shine more than writing about something you’re passionate about. Why?

Because emotions pull the reader on to the page.


   So what are you passionate about? Who are you passionate about? Who do you believe in? Who inspires you, helps you, or makes you feel angry?


   Now write a paragraph from the heart. Throw those words on the page and don’t worry about corrections until afterwards. Just allow those words to spew from your mind and drip from your fingers. Feel the emotions as you write and enjoy the process.


   Have fun. Happy Thursday! Liane x

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Wednesday – Help Yourself Day

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

   What song moves you, brings a smile to your face and a lift to your heart? I love songs that have me dancing down the street listening to my ipod.


   What song makes you move, smile or feel happy? Go play it and treat yourself to a few minutes of joy.

 Happy Wednesday! Liane x

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Tuesday – Creative Flow and Ideas Day

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015


   Yo, yo, yo. Freddie’s in the house. Here’s a story to get those creative juices started.


   You’re talking to a friend on facebook when a scream erupts from inside the computer. You jump


What happens next? Over to you, guys. Have fun. Freddie xx

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Thursday – Writing Tips Day

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

   If you need to get a story on the page and your mind is blank, try this. Choose three random things and write a story about them for five minutes. Watch your genius emerge. How about a mouse, a mobile and a tank? Or a glass pyramid, a dvd and a desert? What about a hot air balloon, an elephant and a baby zebra?


   By giving yourself three objects and writing as quick as you can you don’t give your mind time to stop you. Your muse or subconscious can have fun and just write.

   Have fun. Happy Thursday and happy writing! Liane x

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Wednesday – Help Yourself Day

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015


   Hey, everyone. How are you? How about we have some fun today?


If you’re reading one book, pick up two more. Set an alarm for twenty minutes and start reading one of the three. When the alarm goes off set it for another twenty minutes and pick up the second book. Read the third book for the last twenty minutes. You’ll be surprised how the different styles and reading them in snippets give your brain a boost. If you are drawing one picture, after 5 minutes draw another. It’s so much fun.


 Observe which parts of those three books or drawings grip you, bore you and create other emotional reactions and ask why.


   Have fun. Happy Wednesday! Liane x

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Tuesday – Creative Flow and Ideas Day

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Hi, guys. Freddie’s here to get those creative juices going. Ready to get into a story?

You’re a gymnast (just like Malcolm up on Joya). You’re not bad either. You walk into the gym for your usual practise and stop. You blink. The mats, which are normally blue, are all red.

You do some stretching and warming up. When you step on the red your foot burns. You pull back in shock. The trainer looks across at you and smiles.

“Just go for it,” he says.

You step onto the mat again and have to run to stop the soles of your feet burning. But as you go to do a flip, something happens …

Will you survive the burning mats? Do they help you become a better gymnast? Or something else? Over to you. Happy Tuesday! Freddie. xx

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